Forum OpenACS Q&A: Who's using acs-lang? upgrade scripts for acs-lang

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Hey All,

As you know, we're making changes to acs-lang, and now we've written
some upgrade scripts, but there are an issue with those. It would
help us to know who's out there using acs-lang as is (Greenpeace
doesn't count) today.

The one specific upgrade script issue that we have is that we've (or
Greenpeace has, originally, and we've rolled it back in)
replaced "language" with "locale", so you can have different text
for Aussie English, British English, and US English.

Now, how do we migrate existing data from language code to locale?
The obvious answer is to migrate them to the default locale for the
language. But what if such a locale doesn't exist? Problem is,
there's now a foreign key constraint from lang_messages to
ad_locales, something that wasn't there before.

The question here is mainly to find out how important it is that we
make an extra effort to get every last message moved over correctly.
Alternatively, we could just not have the foreign key constraint on
upgraded databases. Or try creating it, and if it failed, so be it.

But we've also made chnages to the APIs (with back-wards
compatibility, of course), and other things, so it would be really
interesting to get a better feel for our user base here.

So if you're using acs-lang in its current form, please repsond here
and say "check". :)