Forum OpenACS Q&A: BlogMax (Emacs package) Modifications for OpenACS

I recently started using BlogMax, "an Emacs package that aids in the creation of a weblog", to maintain my weblog on, and I made some modifications to the package so that it automatically syncs the blog directory with the database so that OpenACS solicits comments on the static blog pages.

If you are using it or want to use it, you can download the .emacs and my modified version of blogmax.el here:

blogmax.el: http://jamesthornton .com/blog/blogmax.el.txt

Except James, today your comments module was not recieving comments :(
I just wanted to say that it is a shame opencola are no longer selling the opencola drink. Ahh well):
Thanks John -- /register.tcl, the file that redirects to /register/, somehow vanished, but it's back now 😊.
Don't worry, since Opencola is open source, the soft drink formula is available:

However, they say it "will be permanently removed on October 31, 2002 and the Opencola soft drink formula will not be made available beyond that date. Therefore, if you wish to keep the document for future reference, we suggest that you save the document after downloading it. "

Thanks James, have grabbed a copy and I'll now see if I can buy some powdered caffine here in the UK. Then using my vaguely remembered secondary school chemistry education, I will blow myself to small pieces in the name of scientific advances, or something like that ;)