Forum OpenACS Q&A: cookie mess with 3.2.5 + subsites

Posted by David Kuczek on
I just put up a second subsite to my server which runs on 3.2.5 and I
still have this cookie mess (see:

It has nothing to do with frames this time, because the new site
doesn't use frames.

The problem is that I log out from one subsite and I get logged out
from the other subsite and the main site. Then I log into the main
site and I am back in the game on all three sites. There is three
cookies in my IE Temporary File folder though.

Sometimes he still doesn't want to log into the subsite with frames.
He simply redirects to /index.tcl without logging in. He always
manages to log in the noframe main site and the new noframe subsite

Any help? It looks like my server doesn't read the domain right


Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
David, that sounds like an IE cookie bug that's been discussed here
before.  I think some versions of IE are known to sometimes ignore
either the port number or other parts of the URL when setting cookies.
I forget exactly though, and I couldn't find the old threads.  If you
do find them, or other info, please let us know.
Posted by David Kuczek on
Okay, it looks like I finally found that annoying bug! It definitely is an IE problem!

IE on oacs (at least on my installation) gets confused whenever it has to save a cookie for instead of This only becomes a problem with subsites.

Before each of the following steps I deleted all cookies from the temp directory:

1. Whenever I visited and then without having visited, I wouldn't have any problems with cookies.

2. BUT whenever I visited and then or, the browser would get confused.

3. Finally I visited and then or and, hoooray!!!, IE would not get confused anymore.