Forum OpenACS Q&A: Which AOLserver for ACS4.1

Posted by Tom Jackson on

I'm moving a site and I want to take advantage of software improvements in AOLserver/Oracle Driver. The site is old ACS4.1. For some reason I get the impression I need to keep AOLserver3.3+ad13. Haven't all the enhancements in ad13 been rolled into the current AOLserver3.5? Does anyone have experiences with ACS classic running on a new AOLserver?

Posted by Jon Griffin on
I have been using 3.5 since the day it was released and made no changes to any code.

Just recompile the modules and you should be fine. You can always symlink to the dir in case you need a quick way to go back.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I did run into some problems with it but mostly because I had a
customized modules directory and there are commands from 3.3ad13 in
there for i18n which broke things.  Moral of the story is use the 3.5
modules with 3.5 :)

I did bootstrap 4.6beta on oracle and postgres with all the modules
checked out from sourceforge and both seemed to work ok.

Posted by C. R. Oldham on
Re: 4.6beta, I got errors related to ns_charsets (acs-lang uses them).  Roberto Mello thought that the ns_charsets commands were part of the ad13 patchset.  Do we need to develop another patch, or does 3.5 have some functionality that we could substitute?