Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Win32 OACS Oracle install docs in new file storage

Thanks for doing this, John! These docs will save a lot of time for the next people to try this.

I didn't see the file upload workaround you mention above in the docs. I've fixed a few more problems in my AOLserver 4 related to this - some of the problems were specific to Windows, I suspect some of the others aren't but haven't found anyone to confirm this. Both photo-album and file-storage work with my newest binaries, I can test other packages if you like.

Well, actually file-storage is pretty broken since you can't upload files with extensions like ".JPG" or ".jpeg" - see "How is the cr_mime_types designed". But that isn't a Win32 thing.

I'm (still) waiting for AOL to release 4. They took the "beta" string out of the main header file, which is a good sign. The binaries I'm preparing now use pthreads and TCL 8.4 so they are quite close to the Unix code base. I've also ported a few additional modules including nsencrypt, nsimage, and nspasswd, and I've converted docs to Windows Help format. I have newer information than the link you gave above, check out

There are still a few things missing, notably nsopenssl which is waiting on Scott G. to check in some AOLserver 4 fixes, and search support which I've not had the time to look at yet. But I think it is already quite usable. In addition to the above two items and misc. other modules like nsldap and nsimap, Scott and I want to give AOLserver a more comprehensive test framework. But that is for the future...