Forum OpenACS Q&A: Forms Don't Process for Windows Clients

On my SGI workstation running NS 4.7, submitting a template-generated
form works as it should; however, on the Windows systems (IE 6 &
Netscape 6), submitting a form redirects back to the form page
without any form processing occurring. I have tested this on two
physical servers, with multiple clients.
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Which page?  This can happen if variables are signed and for some reason the browser is changing the values.  It also happens if a hidden variable is not valid (and it looks like the form just does not do
Posted by Tom Jackson on

Do you need a Pragma: No-Cache; header or the meta tag: META HTTP-EQUIV="PRAGMA" CONTENT="NO-CACHE">

4: Browser caching in general (response to 1)
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
I have seen some other annoying behaviour on older MSIE browsers which could propably also be cured with the Pragma-no-cache: and/or a properly set Expires: header, in that those browsers display cached versions of the pages all the time (which might even be the correct behaviour). This is a bad thing when doing dynamic stuff such as displaying a  "you're logged in as ..." line on each page.

Is there a standard way in OpenACS 4.x to make it add such headers all the time? If not should we add such an option?

Posted by James Thornton on
Thanks for your inputs. The problem was that the value of a hidden variable was being set in a conditional, and the problem would occur if it didn't get set.