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I would like to (semi-) automatically print out portions of websites.

Manuals that more and more on being stuck on websites with no printer
friendly versions, or pdfs.  And specifically, manuals that exist over
many many linked pages.

I'd like to find some form of crawler, that crawled, maybe
reformatted, and printed.  HP used to have a nice tool to do this, but
no more.

How do you folks do this?

Hi Jerry, I think the W3c Browser Amaya has the methodology to link multiple documents into a single printable version
As for getting the pages, I would use wget. Some nice info on how to download masses of webpages here:
If your are using windows you can always use the cygwin wget.
Perhaps you already know this...  You can use Internet Explorer to generate printouts of multiple webpages.  There is a print option to "Print all linked pages".  If you create your own top-level page that lists all the pages you want printed in the order you want them printed, it is quite easy to print them all, in order.  If you can semi-automatically create the top-level page, this can be pretty efficient.
There also used to be HP Web PrintSmart utility -- quite nice tool, but unfortunately discontinued.  Some time in the past after trawling through a dozen google searches I was able to find it, but lost it again...
5: Found a copy online.. (response to 1)
Posted by Jamie Ross on
Looks like you can download a copy from