Forum OpenACS Development: Response to QD_LOGGER logs debug message yet all debug parameters are Off

Ever noticed how ns_log works slightly different after OpenACS has been loaded and the server is ready to accept connections?

On a stock AOLServer (incl AOLserver/3.3.1+ad13) ns_log logs each entry with a timestamp (e.g. [19/Oct/2002:23:06:18]) and process (e.g. [-nssock-]). With OpenACS however, both the timestamp and the process are gone.

What has this to do with the QD_LOGGER? Everything because ns_log now also ignores the debug configuration in the [ns/parameter] section of the config file. No matter what configuration ns_log happily writes out all messages to the log file wether they are notices, errors or debug messages.

The problem must be cause by OpenACS as messages are written with timestamp and process during startup of AOLServer but this changes when startup is complete. Any suggestions?