Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Implementing class membership quota

Posted by Radam Batnag on

My intent is to build a full-blown online enrollment system for dotLRN. Obviously, one of the core requirements of such a system would be to prevent too many students from enrolling in a class, hence the membership quota. (Other requirements would be to assign fees to classes, assess student dues, and interface with an accounting system - but the discussion for these belong to another thread.)

I thought it's a specialized requirement, I didn't realize that it's a use case wide enough to be implemented dotLRN-wide.

To sum up the discussion so far: we want a generic facility for setting dotLRN community membership quotas. The quota is a restriction that applies only to member-initiated "join community" operations; admins can override this through the "add member" facility.

Peter, thanks for the datamodel tip. I'll start digging in to the dotLRN sources.