Forum OpenACS Q&A: ACS->OACS site migration?

Posted by Mike Linksvayer on
I have an ACS 4.2 based site.  Apart from trivial modifications to
acs-user and bboard and a few hacks to fix bugs in acs-tcl, I haven't
made any changes to ACS.  I want to move from Oracle to Postgresql.
One option is moving to OACS/Pg, via OACS/Oracle if necessary.

Anyone have advice, experience, documents and/or tools regarding such
a site (i.e., data) migration?


Posted by Matthew Avalos on
Your situation sounds like ours:
I'm involved in a group that also has a site migration planned.
We have about 150,000 acs-objects, and are approaching 3000 cc-users.
We are moving from ACS4.0/Oracle8i --> OACS/PG.  I'm currently looking
into acs-kernel differences between the two, which will, of course
impact data migration.  I've just started and only know that there
are a few key differences like the groups table.  No real advice just
yet.  Just the thought that, well ... there are others doing the same.