Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenForce's commitment to the OpenACS free software community

Don and Al beat me to it.. not much more to say.

I am still hoping that Ben will change his mind about being gatekeeper (it is still very early for dotLRN and I feel his experience would also be valuable in building the dotLRN Consortium)... yet time is of essence and we need to move on (we have been waiting for Ben's response for more than two weeks).

I would like to emphasize that one of the major selling points of dotLRN will be vendor independence. dotLRN is going to succeed with or without OF (partially due to their commitment to open source software)... I hope with. If Ben ultimately decides against it, it will set dotLRN back... but dotLRN will survive. If Ben does not want OF to take part in the governance I hope that they take part in other ways.


P.S. To prevent problems related to transparency in the future the i18n agreement between Collaboraid and Heidelberg has specifically made transparency a requirement. I hope that this can serve as a model for future dotLRN/OpenACS development. Please follow and contribute to decisions here: