Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ANN: Pure TCL OpenACS

Posted by John Sequeira on
To Ben and Dan,

Points taken.  I'm really encouraged that you see something useful dropping out of this.

Multithreading support is not on *my* short list,  because I mostly just want to get to Apache/IIS support quickly and I don't need it if I rely on FastCGI.  Plus ( more importantly ) it's not really in my skill set.

However,  it is both on Michael C's short list and his skill set,  because he has TclHTTPd as his primary deployment environment. If my writings about the project make it seem like your cautions aren't being heeded,  consider it my own bias creeping in.


Thanks for the pointer.  Michael is aware of Zoran's work,  and will be using it as one of our deployment options.  The idea is you set a flag somewhere in your config file,  i.e.

DeploymentEnvironment  (mod_tcl|tclhttpd|fastcgi)

and the wrapper scripts we're writing will take care of mapping aolserver-isms into that environment.  We're targeting singlethread,  multithread and multiprocess at the same time - I'm roughing out globals-based commands just so the code runs in tclsh and Michael's doing the polishing necessary to make an alternate set of commands which will run in more demanding environments.

Also,  I should note that we certainly hope to leverage AOLServer's unbundled libraries at some point (the one's you pointed me to),  but we won't be letting AOL's release schedule slow us up.