Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Development branch hosed?

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
It sounds as if you guys have fixed a variety of ills over the past 24 hours, but I wonder if something has gotten broken in the process. After a CVS update today, my server is dead in the water.

I brought this up over at this thread but perhaps this is a more appropriate place to beg for help.

No pages get served even though the AOLServer starts OK, is listening on the correct port, and ForceHostP is 0. Any page request produces this error:

debug: RP (9.866 ms): rp_filter: setting up request: GET / 
[16/Sep/2002:14:26:44][26713.5126][-conn2-] Error: tclop: invalid return code from filter proc 'can't read "node(instance_name)": no such element in array': must be filter_ok, filter_return, or filter_break

Lars introduced instance_name in several packages/acs-tcl/tcl/ procs. I can't figure out what needs to be fixed here; it's too deep in the plumbing.

I've dropped the database and reinstalled a couple of times; the install goes fine without errors, but once it's complete, the server won't handle any more pages due to this error.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else installed from the current CVS and got it to work? TIA.