Forum OpenACS Development: Re: wiki code metrics for packages, add standards metrics?

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Hi Maurizio,
Yes, html should be updated, but it looks like that OpenACS HTML analysis mainly points to issues with html created in the docbook documentation. Docbook writes its own html, so maybe docbook has become more of a maintenance burden than benefit.

Html in adp pages are not so simple to analyze. Wonderful work has gone into upgrading html/css partly by invoking per page html analysis at time of rendering. You can see this in the latest OpenACS release 5.9.

To me, at least 80% of that documentation should be removed, because it no longer fits the code, or is off topic etc. Some of it should be put directly in the code at the points of discussion to provide needed context, even if it is just historical. The remaining 20% should be integrated into the wiki.

As for Tcl testing, when I write a linter for my own code, then we'll see if it is applicable for acs-core --I think not. Because I write code as if I just learned the language. Much of acs-core uses syntax and terms I have little experience with.

I see that SonarQube has a ruleset for Python. Maybe that can be adjusted for Tcl with your experience and knowledge of naviserver?