Forum .LRN Q&A: Homework Folders and User Folders

Posted by Hannah Royle on
I am having a problem with some users not being able to download a document in comments section of a homework folder.

We have users who upload documents to the homework folder, this user can only see the document they upload. A teacher then marks the work and uses the New Comments section next to the original file to upload the marked file.

When the user clicks on the document in the Comments section (that has been marked) the following message appears "You don't have permissions to read User Folders."

Users which have been set up a couple of years do not have this message and can successful download the marked document.

New and old users have the same role and I can not see a difference between them.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to resolve this? Which table(s) show the permissions for roles and users?

Thanks Hannah

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
We are not using the homework module in our installation, so i am not sure, what the problem actually is.
In order to try to help you, i
- installed a fresh instance of DotLrn (from the oacs-5-9 branch),
- defined semester+department+class,
- uploaded as a student a "homework" file
- the professor could read the file
- the professor added a comment file
- the student could read the comment file

do this steps work for you as well?
did the professor create an additional folder?

As i understand it, the homework module is a specially tailored file-storage, where visibilities are managed via permissions. So, when the student uploads a file, all admins of this instance are granted permissions on this file (and vice versa for feedback comments). Can it be that there in your instance you have not the right admins defined?

all the best

Posted by Chris Kill on
hmm ... weird. I don’t seem to have such a problem.