Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Current recommended Richtext editors?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
In versions up to OpenACS 5.9.0 [1], the rich-text editors were (a) munged into acs-templating (+master templates) and (b) part of acs-core.

(a) was a problem, since there were 3 different interfaces depending on the editor; OpenACS 5.9.0 has a pluggable interface, needs no special master-template integrations and is more extensible without hacking in the core.

(b) is/was a problem with debian bundling of acs-core, since debian prohibits among many other issues minified files. By throwing the editors out of core, many of the issues are gone, and the rich-text editors can be obtained e.g. via "install from repository".

Yes, there is no standard integration of rich-text editors in general, every rich-text editor has a slightly different interface (using css classes, IDs, etc.), supporting different modes (inline editing) and or plugins (e.g. image selectors, etc). Having these in separate packages makes the setup more flexible and it can be more easily tailored by custom installations (who have the need to use different editor versions, etc.).



Posted by Brian Fenton on
Super, that's very clear. Thanks for your help.