Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: (Error: can't read "address": no such variable) after Install OpenACS with NaviServer from Scratch

the 2 ns and oacs scripts finished and gave me a congratulations. i commented out the and uncommented the 0.0.0. and ran the following command.

root@lrn-14:/usr/local/src/install-ns# sudo /usr/local/ns/bin/nsd -t /usr/local/ns/config-oacs-5-9.tcl -u nsadmin -g nsadmin
[26/Aug/2016:15:05:46][2637.7f9cea895740][-main-] Notice: OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014 initialized
root@lrn-14:/usr/local/src/install-ns# [26/Aug/2016:15:05:46][2638.7f9cea895740][-main-] Notice: nsd.tcl: starting to read config file...
[26/Aug/2016:15:05:46][2638.7f9cea895740][-main-] Notice: Use Tcl thread library /usr/local/ns/lib/thread2.7.3/
[26/Aug/2016:15:05:46][2638.7f9cea895740][-main-] Notice: nsd.tcl: using threadsafe tcl: 1
[26/Aug/2016:15:05:46][2638.7f9cea895740][-main-] Notice: nsd.tcl: finished reading config file.
[26/Aug/2016:15:05:46][2638.7f9cea895740][-main-] Notice: binder: started
[26/Aug/2016:15:05:47][2638.7f9cea895740][binder] Fatal: binder: recvmsg() failed: recv 56 bytes, 'Success'