Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: (Error: can't read "address": no such variable) after Install OpenACS with NaviServer from Scratch

I have recently upgraded from 4.99.11 to 4.99.12 as you are doing without encountering issues. I run current Debian testing. What kind of distro/version are you running?

What I did was just:
- donwload again from here to ensure I didn't miss any recent change in the script
- made it executable using chmod
- opened the script looking for any line about naviserver version 4.99.11 and changed it to 4.99.12 (lines about version are at the beginning of the script)
- run the script

My dev istance could run ok without any fiddling, just changing the web server underneath.

Maybe you just need to "clear the room" a bit