Forum OpenACS Q&A: Post installation: configure oacs-5-9 nsd to autostart and postfix configured to send notifications

What is the best way to autostart the nsd server. Hopefully it can be configured as a service.

Then this might need to be a whole separate question but setting up postfix to work with the notification package is what i need for sure.

fyi, i use which has notification working out of the box. i realize everyone might not want that but it would sure make my life a lot easier. i will settle for just having specific steps for getting postix or other mailserver configured on oacs.

Hi Kenneth,

One of the features of using install-ns is that nsd should autostart anytime after 'start oacs-5-9' has been issued. The feature turns off after 'stop oacs-5-9' has been issued.

OpenACS usually "just works" if the local mail system is working.

Getting email to work on a localhost may be tricky as it likely depends at least partly on your local ISP; unless the email server is working in isolation with the localhost system. Here's a link for ubuntu: