Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: where can i change the default url for oacs-9.5?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Different Linux versions might use different locations for the service file. The script installs it under /lib/systemd/system/, other configuration might expect it under /etc/systemd/system/. Remember, after you have installed the .service file, you have do a systemctl daemon-reload and you have to do a systemctl enable ... to make it active for restarts of the operating system (check with systemctl is-enabled ...). You can list all services known to systemd with systemctl list-units.

hope this helps.

Posted by Kenneth Wyrick on
on ubuntu 16.04.4 server and downloaded the latest and files.
your instructions were exactly what I needed.

kmw@fremont:/lib/systemd/system$ sudo nano oacs-5-9.service
kmw@fremont:/lib/systemd/system$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
kmw@fremont:/lib/systemd/system$ sudo systemctl enable oacs-5-9.service
kmw@fremont:/lib/systemd/system$ sudo systemctl is-enable oacs-5-9.service
Unknown operation is-enable.
kmw@fremont:/lib/systemd/system$ sudo systemctl is-enabled oacs-5-9.service

thank you very very much.

It's me again on Ubuntu 22.04 server this time.

My Installation is using:


on the
For Site-Wide Administrators
ACS Site-Wide Administration (Site-wide administration)


The Subsite Art
link is
re-directs to
with 404 - The file you requested could not be found