Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: now on to dotlrn from a

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
To install DotLRN from a basic installation (based on install-ns and install-oacs, using the release tar file) should be as follows:
  • Upgrade all packages (/acs/admin upgrade from repository)
  • Install DotLRN (/acs/admin Install from repository, selecting "DotLRN")

However, in the current snapshot (between releases), the package "DotLRN" installs itself without theme and applets, so these have to be installed as well.

on /acs-admin/install/, select the following packages:

dotlrn-bm        dotLRN Bulk Mail Applet
dotlrn-calendar  dotLRN Calendar Applet
dotlrn-dotlrn    dotLRN Applet
dotlrn-faq       dotLRN FAQ Applet
dotlrn-forums    dotLRN Forums Applet
dotlrn-fs        dotLRN File Storage Applet
dotlrn-homework  dotLRN Homework
dotlrn-news      dotLRN News Applet
dotlrn-static    dotLRN Static Applet
theme-zen        Zen Theme
After these, your installation should be ok.