Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Multiple DNS and subsites

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Hi Gustaf,
Oh. Okay. I was thinking head was ahead of 5.9. is running 5.9.1d4 from git without errors for 4.99.11 and 4.99.12.

Would it be useful if I test oacs-5-9 branch from cvs (or some other configuration)?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
the git repository is pretty much in sync with CVS: "cvs HEAD" corresponds to "git master" and "cvs oacs-5-9" corresponds to "git oacs-5-9".

The latest kernel is 5.9.1d16, so much has changed since 5.9.1d4.... yes, testing the actual version oacs-5-9 it would be useful (especially, if something more needs to be fixed).