Forum OpenACS Development: Re: error on browsing to / on new oacs-5.8, pg-9.1, naviserv-4.9.9

I just stumbled upon the same error using an old aolserver config file with NaviServer. Although it generally seems to be the right thing to start with the openacs-config.tcl from the NaviServer repository (as Gustaf suggests) and tweak it afterwards, I wanted I note that the missing piece – in my case – was this snippet:
ns_section "ns/server/${server}/fastpath"
	ns_param	  serverdir  ${homedir}
	ns_param  pagedir    ${pageroot}
Michael, thank you, I also got that same cryptic "no active adp" error, and the fix was indeed adding that fastpath ns_section.  AOLserver apparently does not need it but NaviServer definitely does.