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Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hello Iuri,

yesterday I took the chance to refresh my background on this kind of technologies. I am resuming my findings, sorry if I write things you already know:
- XML-RPC is the ancestor of SOAP, which is a more feature rich specification for this kind of remote calls. I have dealt with SOAP in the past, but didn't know about this. [1]
- XML-RPC is not the most throughput-efficient technology around: XML must be parsed back and forth all the time, with computational and bandwidth overhead. This holds also for SOAP. [1] [2]
- Most if not all the things you can achieve with XML-RPC/SOAP could be done by a simple HTTP API, or better by a RESTful webservice [1] [2] [3]
- HTTP API is not a RESTful webservice [4] [5]

This brought to me the following questions/considerations I want to debate with you (and maybe others) before we proceed:
- is XML-RPC a requirement for you? I mean, do you have to interact with applications that speak XML-RPC only? Why don't go with plain HTTP calls?
- as we are considering to revamp this old package, shouldn't we go all the way down including also SOAP in the mix?

More specifical to your problem:
- XML-RPC package relies on ns_xml module, which I don't know. Is it available for naviserver? How does it differ from tdom?