Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to coordinating CMS (+ETP) development a little bit...

ETP2 is still being worked on. I am looking beyond that to a more genearl solution. Maybe ETP2 is a big part of this. Right now to add a new content-type with custom forms, you need to build the templates the represent the page flow for that content-type. This works, but it required a developer to add attributes and the forms to edit them.

Some things ETP doesn't have and we haven't decided how to add yet: adding images and multi-part content items. Changing a template per item instead of per folder. Categorization. Related Items. Dynamic generation of forms from content_type metadata.

The other reason I want to seperate out the pieces is to make features optional. I suspect that all the custom CMS solutions all had different needs using some parts of a CMS that other solutions don't need. So my thinking was to build up a CMS out of several packages that provide the various services that you need.

If we can decide on the core features that everyone needs maybe we should work on that while keeping open the options to extend functionality through additional packages, perhaps using service contracts.