Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Categories pkg - Add new tree

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi Gustaf,

psql (9.1.23) and categories 1.1.3d5

I saw the script changes the datatype directly to char. Good. I thought about solution. But, as at the time I solved it, casting the variable, I haven't had the certainty neither visibility of the impact that such a datatype change would have along the source code

Then I decided to CAST the variable on every broken piece of code that appear while I was browsing the package and creating the stuff.

Bug is created. #3298

Best wishes

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The problem existed in the categories package version 1.1.3d5 or 1.1.3d6 and was fixed by antonio on Nov 15, 2016. The current version of the categories package in the oacs-5-9 branch (1.1.3d7) works properly and does not need the cast operator.