Forum OpenACS Development: Some recent Figures from OpenACS (2016)

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Some of you might be interested in some recent figures from (2016):

- Total number of registered users on 19,748
- New registrations: 627
- Users logged in more than 5 times: 142
- Average number of visitors per day: 1960
- Number of direct contributors to CVS: 4
- Number of added packages: 8 (richtext-ckeditor4, richtext-tinymce, richtext-xinha, spreadsheet, q-wiki, q-forms, cl-custom, xolp)
- Number of downloads of the OpenACS 5.9.0 tar file (released about a year ago): 21,080
- OpenACS relative market share improved significantly (but low on absolute numbers, see chart below)

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Posted by Michael Aram on