Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Who wants to built .WRK?

Posted by defunct defunct on
There's a product that keeps coming up with potential clients of mine, thats widely used, but largely unpopular (unweildy, to much 'image' not enough substance and expensive licensing). And I think its certainly something a dotWRK could take-on. I suspect any dotWRK would cover off more than this, but as I *know* there's a demand here, it might be worth looking at as a reference.

The products called eRooms (don;t know if anyone familiar with it) at

I've played with it a bit and too be honest its a prime candidate fro taking on. It seamingly only really implements glorifed bulletin boards and chat.. with a bit of file management.. but, as its licensing policy is on a 'per number of rooms' basis, as you can see it gets expensive as an organisation grows! An open source solution to rival it has numerous USPs...

So... thats at least partly what I'd like to see in a dotWRK..