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Posted by Brian Fenton on
Thank you Maurizio. Actually what is the canonical way to make a HTTP call with Naviserver? In our old AOLserver codebase, we have a mix of calls to ns_httpget, ad_httpget, and more recently calls to ns_http (this is the one that works best for us on Windows 2008).
Posted by Maurizio Martignano on
I have fixed the issue.

This is the change in the code:

if (connect(sock, saPtr, Ns_SockaddrGetSockLen(saPtr)) != 0) {
int err = ns_sockerrno;

#ifndef _WIN32
if (!async || (err != EINPROGRESS && err != EWOULDBLOCK)) {
if (!async || (err != WSAEWOULDBLOCK)) {
Ns_LogSockaddr(Warning, "SockConnect fails", saPtr);

The mod will be available in next version of my distribution.
Over the weekend.

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Regarding this, ns_http is now the preferred low-level interface for HTTP client functionalities. A higher level interface, that deprecates all the "old school" procs like ad_httpget and such, you can find in [1] and [2].

These are basically wrappers around the API that make easier to issue the requests, also providing backward compatibility with Aolserver by using curl.

Hope this helps



Posted by Brian Fenton on
Thanks Antonio!