Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Who wants to built .WRK?

Posted by defunct defunct on
The surely its a 'Chicken Cooker'.... Trade Descriptions and all that ...

No, seriously you're right. Not disagreeing that its well presented and resonable smooth (despite crashes, but heh, windoze..) but I fidn their marketing/claims to somewhat overstate the case.

The feedback I've had is that its restrictive, too  narrow and too expensive, given that this (v.large) client had been given another impression....

But then also shows a good way to postion any .WRK. As functionally general and feature rich platform and allow the 'presentation' to be a bespoke element (as often this is what a customer means by configurable).

So... is someone organising some effort on this (v.keen), firstly does anyone own dotWRK? if not should someone register it? OF perhaps, or we can if you like. Probly only covers the UK though.

I don't think its a million miles off dotLRN is some senses, so perhaps it'd be quite easy to 'dive-in' and experiment with some development on it?