Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ns_db gethandle gives error 'could not allocate 1 handle from pool "pool1"' Naviserver on Windows

Hi Gustaf

thanks very much for replying when you are under so much pressure - I do appreciate it.

I understand the situation much more now, and yes it makes sense that the templating system is getting the first handle. In earlier versions of OpenACS under AOLserver, it didn't seem to cause a problem. Unfortunately we have some legacy code that does call ns_db gethandle, so I'll investigate what's involved in re-writing that using db_with_handle or similar.

all the best

I guess, it is not the templating system that get's the handle, but the master template might call some SQL function, that causes the handle allocation. concerning "ns_db gethandle": I do not remember any changes in OpenACS (or AOLserver/NaviServer) in these regards since i started to use OpenACS, which was more than 10 years ago... but i know there is much code out there, which predates this and often runs quite well.