Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Naviserver on Windows - "select failed" when using ns_sockselect

Brian, have you tried Tcllib's smtp::sendmessage? Back in 2006, I also encountered ns_sendmail failures in the C select() call on Windows (XP I think), so I replaced my use of ns_sendmail with a wrapper around smtp::sendmessage, which worked fine.

Btw, also back then, I'd previously seen ns_sendmail work just fine on Windows XP running on VMware Workstation, but then fail every time after we switched to running XP in VMware Server on a different physical machine. Why, I do not know.

Thanks Andrew, will check it out!
Dear Brian,

the change to use acs_mail_lite::send (and therefore using tcllib's smtp::* APIby default) instead of ns_sendmail happened 7 years ago [1]. in case, the error comes from tcllib, maybe [2] can help to debug.