Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Naviserver on Windows - "select failed" when using ns_sockselect

Dear Brian,
I believe you are not on the right path to track this problem.
This is what happened:

First we have the warning: Warning: ns_sendmail is no longer supported in OpenACS. Use acs_mail_lite::send instead.
Then we have the error:
Error: acs-mail-lite::smtp: error error reading "sock788": socket is not connected while executing
Please notice an SMTP error.

In other words: ns_sendmail is actually replaced by acs_mail_lite::send. But this, in turn, uses SMTP and in your system does not connect to it as you probably put no information about it in the configuration.

This is the cause of the error message you are seeing (it's not a socket problem), it is a SMTP problem, you are trying to connect to an undefined SMTP server...

If you configure properly the SMTP parameters, and on Windows, at the moment, sendimmediately must be set to 1/true, then a command like the following should work
acs_mail_lite::send -from_addr mailto:Maurizio.Martignano@spazioit.con -to_addr -subject "acs_mail_lite::send_test" -body "Hello there, this is a test.".

Then the last point, on BLAT. Naviserver is a web server, it is mostly a web server. BLAT is SMTP client. There are more people working on BLAT that on Naviserver. So the chances that BLAT works, and follows properly all the INET/MAIL standards and their evolution is much higher than the ones for Naviserver.

Hope it helps,