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8: Re: XML-RPC String limit (response to 7)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
what is the result of the "nslog notice ..." statement of ?
9: Re: XML-RPC String limit (response to 8)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
To knock your suspects off see bellow the xml request file of a successful attempt. Then, make X times "100000, to get a body with 100000 X's char and break xmlrpc.

Chrome/40.0.2214.111 Safari/537.36 user_id 698 peer
[14/Apr/2017:17:11:58][3231.7fef5a8db700][-conn:1contact:0-] Notice: Running TCL script test_ws.tcl
[14/Apr/2017:17:11:58][3231.7fef5a8db700][-conn:1contact:0-] Warning: ns_httpopen POST d4 30 {<?xml version="1.0"?> ix_robot.parseJson gtregivrwjvoiejviowvwgvwegvwgreXXXXXXXXX } is deprecated. Use 'ns_http' instead!
[14/Apr/2017:17:11:58][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Notice: Running ad_proc ix_robot.parseJson ...
[14/Apr/2017:17:11:58][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Notice: gtregivrwjvoiejviowvwgvwegvwgre
[14/Apr/2017:17:11:58][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Notice: JSON
[14/Apr/2017:17:11:58][3231.7fef5a8db700][-conn:1contact:0-] Notice:
[14/Apr/2017:17:12:00][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Notice: CSP violation: {"csp-report":{"document-uri":"","referrer":"","violated-directive":"font-src 'self' data:","effective-directive":"font-src","original-policy"

Furthemore, see the results of ns_log Debug

ted. Use 'ns_http' instead!
[14/Apr/2017:17:16:16][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Notice: BEFORE DEBUG
[14/Apr/2017:17:16:16][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Error: xmlrpc::invoke: error parsing request: error "Unexpected end" at position 0

And the collateral effect of XML RPC parsing

[14/Apr/2017:17:16:16][3231.7fef5a8db700][-conn:1contact:0-] Notice: error "Entity parsing error" at position 2006
" + '?locale='+l+'&return_url='+return_url;
--Error-- /script
script type="text/javascript" src=""
[14/Apr/2017:17:16:16][3231.7fef5a0da700][-conn:1contact:1-] Error: can't read "doc": no such variable
while executing
"xml_doc_free $doc"
(procedure "xmlrpc::invoke" line 39)
invoked from within
"xmlrpc::invoke $content"
("uplevel" body line 15)