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13: Re: XML-RPC String limit (response to 12)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
We see now that in the error case, the XML text passed to xmlrpc::invoke is empty (see the two single quotes in Notice: xmlrpc::invoke last chars: ''). It seems, as the xml-rpc package has problems gracefully handling such cases. I've added a test that should handle this test more gracefully to CVS [1].

What we know now is that for whatever reason, an xml-rpc request with 100k size ends up as an empty string in xmlrpc::invoke. This means, that xmlrpc::get_content (called by the www/index.tcl returns empty). I would recommend to try to replace the body of xmlrpc::get_content by the single line (when you use NaviServer):

  return [ns_getcontent -as_file false -binary false]

Let's hope this helps.