Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Installation of OpenACS

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Oh, so OpenACS is on an Ubuntu 16.04 server os.

The extra copies of naviserver should still be stopped as Gustaf suggests in message 13 ( or by restarting the server.

To browse to the OpenACS site from another system, try: http://public-ip-number:8888 where "public-ip-number" is public ip number assigned to the Ubuntu 16.04 server.

Use whatever port has been configured in the config file /usr/local/ns/config-oacs-5-9.tcl

Also, if the server's public ip number is static (does not change), set the "address" parameter to the public ip number.

Also set the parameter "hostname" to the value returned by the command "uname -n". If none has been assigned or the local network does not appear to use DNS, setting "hostname" to the same public ip number may help.