Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Who wants to built .WRK?

Posted by Buel Chandler on
Perhaps if we get enough momentum going, we should break into a separate forum, so that we can start breaking down technical, philosophical and general issues?

Anyway, in a prototype for our organization's management to see, I had mapped our Org Chart into communities with the following structure:

  • dotMECH (entire org)
    • Division
      • Branch
        • Section
          • Team
Note that this was just a quick look to test basic functionality, as I only added a few test projects to just check sanity. I also was just seeing what could be done stuffing a non-LRN prototype into the dotLRN infrastructure easily and quickly.

For Terms, I used Fiscal Year boundaries (Oct->Sep in our case). Department was a singleton to represent our entire org. Subject was each customer (internal or external) for whom a project was being done.

Each Class was a discrete project, changing

  • Professor -> Manager (not necessarily Proj Mgr). This is the Supervisor/Manager ultimately resp.
  • Course Administrator -> Customer Service Rep
  • Course Assistant -> Proj Mgr
  • Teaching Assist -> Tech Lead(s)
  • Student -> Team members
I had looked around the (Oracle) SQL to see where to change labeling to reflect non-LRN use, but stopped to start looking at some stuff with ticket-tracker, workflow and lars-blogger to see how to fit them better into a "unified" project planning, tasking, and reporting environment (This was for another presentation to my mgmt).

Then ideally would be to "portlet" them to make all that available to the dotWRK environment.