Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Google does NOT index BBoard?

Posted by Lars Pind on
True, but it's still just as hard to move a message to a more appropriate forum if that forum happens to belong to another instance of the "forums" package. So there's still a more general problem left to solve.

This particular problem could be solved by allowing admins to move a message to another forum that sits at the same level in the site map. That would be easy to implement, and we'd have status quo.

The tricky part is when you want to move to another instance in another place in the site map, because you have to show the context. Say they're all called "Forum", but one sits below "Project A" and another below "Project B". You'd have to include that context for people to figure out which one they want.

This is not a super-complex problem by any means. It's just not *quite* as trivial as when we're staying within one context.