Forum OpenACS Development: Request for a new acs-subsite parameter

Hi there,

Is it possible to include in OACS core the following parameter

Within the file packages/acs-subsite/lib/login.tcl line

    } else {
        # We don't have the username
        if { !$remote_only_p } {
            set forgotten_pwd_url "[subsite::get_element -element url]register/recover-password"
    return $forgotten_pwd_url
The tail of the element forgotten_pwd_url (i.e. “register/recover-password") should be a parameter. shouldn't it?

It would be nice to edit it without rewritten core into a new custom pkg.

 .... [parameter::get -package_id $subsite_id -parameter RecoverPasswordUrl -default 1]
Best wishes,
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Sorry, default value must be "register/recover-password"
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Can it be, that you have an ancient version of OpenACS running? In the actual version of OpenACS, the forgotten_pwd_url is computed via the function auth::password::get_forgotten_url, which is conceptually correct, since password recover depends on the authorities (maybe, there is no way to recover the password via web interface for some authority). This code has not changed at least since the release of OpenACS 5.0 [2] (2004, more than 13 years ago).

However, there is similar code in the function auth::password::get_forgotten_url, where register/recover-password is e.g. used, when e.g. the authority returns no other URL.

What do you actually want to achieve? Tailor the appearance of the page for recovering the password? or point to a completely different page? In the latter case, you should consider defining your own authority.