Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: error in rp_handler: can't read "tcl_url2file

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
i am not so long with AOLserver to know this. The documentation section mentioning the purge of global Tcl variables was not changed for the last 17 years [1] (i.e. early 2001). One of the oldest AOLserver article from 2000 mentions already nsv as an instrument to share global variables [2].

Nevertheless, i fully trust Andrew's historical explanation about the intention of the original design. This shows, that this aspects of the performance mode are broken since at least 17 years and nobody has missed it. My suggestion is either to remove the ::tcl_url2file global variable, or to "do it right", including handling of host-node mappings etc. Currently, i personally would have time for just the first option.




Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Or, as you suggested earlier, just move the tcl_url2file array into a Tcl namespace? Since namespaces are not cleaned up on connection close, that should restore the original intention of the caching code.