Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Strange output of munin.tcl

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
When the lines are terminated with CR only, most terminals print the lines over each other, which means, when they print a CR, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the same line. So, you probably did not get "the latest key-value pair", but all, but you could only see the in the terminal the latest.

All munin versions i know of work fine with the output of the script. Was your question just just out of curiosity, or did you actually observed an issue? For debugging of munin output, one should use "munin-run PLUGIN_NAME".

Nevertheless, i have changed in git end-line termination to CRLF, it seems, that everything continues to work.

Posted by Michael Aram on
Thank you for the clarification, this makes sense.

I did not observe a "real issue", I simply wanted to double-check the output of the munin endpoint using the command line. I am aware of munin-run, however, I sometimes perform direct invocations for testing as well.

I think your change is an improvement, even if not strictly necessary, thank you!