Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Enhance interactivity to OACS Forum

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

in general, there is the "views" package, which provides such functionality in a generic way. If you want this for a site that you are maintaining, feel free to experiment with this.

Using/integrating such features on would be another topic, since this can mean as well a certain privacy invasion, depending on what is presented in detail.

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi there,
Indeed "views" pkg helps me a lot customizing codes.

The idea came after Brian's comments in my last post, in the DEV forum. Indeed, my post is hard to understand and the topic's confusing too (i.e. hard to explain without feedbacks).

Thus, I thought about tools to provide instant feedback, letting the machine to show a few statistics can tell a lot about without so much work from other users.

Another thing is because I've always felt a lack of popularity and massive participation in the OpenACS community. It has been many years already, and I simply don't understand why such a good framework (i.e. robust, scalable, and the list goes on and on) is so unknown among I.T. professionals worldwide.

Is it because of the learning curve? Are TCL & XoTCL very hard to comprehend?

What are we missing here to spread OpenACS out and make it popular worldwide?

Best wishes,