Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Passing value to richtext editor

Posted by Paul Babin on

As always thank you for your time in responding.

The page only has one field with that name. We've done some additional testing and still cannot determine what the issue is.

The best that I can describe as is that the richtext widget doesn't know what to do with the stored value of $publish_body. We hardcoded a value on request as "Test $publish_body" with publish_body:text(richtext) in the ad_form - Test shows in the widget area but not $publish_body.

At this time my workaround is to change publish_body:text(richtext) to publish_body:text(text) and then call ckeditor as an external editor via manually added javascript.

As we transition a number of our sites over to 5.9.1 I'll see if any of our revision pages in other packages that pull content from the database have the same issue. If the richtext editor displayed inputted content then I'll know the culprit is in the coding of that package and if not, I'll do some more digging in and report back.