Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Login fails only to new users

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hi Iuri,

are the stars I see the obscured password? Are you sure the proper password makes it until the authentication? I am thinking about some encoding or other kind of corruption incident.

BTW, im_generate_auto_login makes me think about project-open. Which "vanilla authentication" was your starting boilerplate? Probably not the plain openacs one, right?


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi Antonio,

No, the asterisks (i.e. stars ****), they're just plain text to make log messages more visible in the crowd!

Passwords remain the very same until auth::authentication is completed. I confirmed that password hasn't been modified through all internal ad_procs by writing "ns_log Notices" (i.e. From auth::authenticate, auth::authenticate::Authenticate, ... , acs_sc::invoke to auth::authenticate)

While I was debugging, I had the same suspects of corruption that you had. Thus, I've set a very simple password (i.e. test and 098764321) and wrote ns_log notice along all the way through ad_procs.

Indeed, I'm im_generate_auto_login, but it's called only after auth::authentication proc has been completed. Meaning, authentication process is plain OpenACS.

Best wishes,