Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Login fails only to new users

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Iuri

I can assure that ad_apply is not the source of the problem. You say that you have a customised login page. Why not start with the "standard" OpenACS page that you know is working correctly, and then carefully add each change until you identify the problem?


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hi Brian,

"I can assure that ad_apply is not the source of the problem". So can I!

Finally, I've started from scratch and found the problem. MainSite parameter "RegistrationProvidesRandomPasswordP" was enabled. Because of it, the system generates a random password, even if we explicitly had passed the password and confirm_password fields, as API methods arguments/switches.

Testing things out a while ago, I should have enabled and I forgot to disable it later on.

The good thing...?! It was a good case as lesson learned to get knowing the whole registration and login adn their ad_procs workflow through pkgs: from acs-subsite, acs-authentication, acs-service-contract, acs-tcl ...

Best wishes,