Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Request for Comments and Discussion: Building a Leaner, Meaner OpenACS with MIST

A couple scattered comments:

I like the idea of MIST, and it certainly sounds useful if the only onus it puts on developers is accurately describing their dependencies. How much more work beyond what's included in current apm files will this entail? Would package maintainers have to also keep track of 'core' patches to keep everything independent?

Also Jun, I should mention that I'm working on reimplementing all of the ns_* commands in pure tcl to enable FastCGI deployment of OpenACS (link). Although not my direct project goal, one of the early deliverables is a tclsh auto-installer for openacs. I've got that part working so that the required modules in openacs core are installed in Postgres using just a 10 line tcl script.

Between this work and tclwebtest for automating or scripting installers, I think we have a good basis for making current and future installation processes more straightforward. Having a framework for walking dependency graphs and managing patches seems like a logical next step.