Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Request for Comments and Discussion: Building a Leaner, Meaner OpenACS with MIST


My post was not a "chastisement" of your post, and I meant nothing personal with it, so don't assume I did. I also never mentioned anything about your (or anyone's) freedom to post whatever you want (including tags in the subject line --with the exception of the h2 tag--, which continue happenning), so I don't know what that was for.

Kudos for your investing of resources on OpenACS. You're not the only one. Many others do it with and without profit reasons.

My point is that disagreements/critics about the document at hand can be brought up (and evidenced by other posts in this thread) without any personal attacks, and that is a good thing. That's all.

Disclaimer: No personal attack was intended on this post.