Forum OpenACS Development: Annoucement: Support for markdown in richtext widget

Dear all,

On and in CVS head is a small enhancement in place that will allow the usage of "markdown" formatting [1] for the richtext widget (when not using a JavaScript richtext editor).


  • markdown is in widespread usage
  • there is a standardization effort going on for markdown as RFC 7764 [2]
  • many people struggle with the formatting when posting to the OpenACS forums
  • tcllib (required in OpenACS installations) contains a usable markdown implementation [3]

A small problem with markdown is that there are many markdown extensions around. Note, that we are just supporting, what's included in the markdown library [3]. Please check the "Preview" option to check whether the rendering is as expected.

The change is fully backward compatible, markdown is the second choice in the "Format" pull down entry. To use this in your installation, the HEAD versions of acs-templating, acs-tcl and forums are required. This posting was generated using the markdown syntax.