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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

The bounce address is used for bounce handling, so it depends, how important the OpenACS built-in bounce handling is in your application.

  • one possibility would be to configure a parameter "BounceToSender", which could deactivate the OpenACS bounce handling without much hacking around.

  • another possibility would be to use a custom mail sending proc, in case, you want to send this kind of mail just from one certain application/page/... one could provide an additional parameter to send_immediately for this purpose.

  • a next possibility would be to make postfix accepting the bounce address, which is also configurable via the package parameter EnvelopePrefix of acs-mail-lite, which defines the result of bounce_prefix (see below).

Probably, there are many more options.

    d_proc -public bounce_address {
    } {
        Composes a bounce address
        @option user_id user_id of the mail recipient
        @option package_id package_id of the mail sending package
        (needed to call package-specific code to deal with bounces)
        @option message_id message-id of the mail
        @return bounce address
    } {
        return "[bounce_prefix]-$user_id-[ns_sha1 $message_id]-$package_id@[address_domain]"