Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Calendar pkg: call_item and acs_activity

Posted by Antonio Pisano on

actually, if one looks at calendar::item::delete -cal_item_id, this should call ca_item__delete stored procedure, which should in fact remove the acs_event.

Are you making use of this API? Or you're deleting via some custom code?


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Indeed Antonio,
I've used cal_item__delete and I haven't touched into the core's ad_procs.

Pkg versions are:
provides url="calendar" version="2.6.1d3"/
provides url="acs-events" version=""
provides url="acs-kernel" version="5.9.1"/

I've noticed the dependencies (relationships) among calendar, acs-events and so, while I was debugging the "code workflow".

Thanks for the lesson! I understand why acs-events supports calendar pkg. It makes total sense.

Best wishes,